It has been a while since we updated our website and with a few new grass ranges and lots of exciting news we look forward to sharing our updates in the coming months with you. One of the biggest changes we want to share now is our extended grass range, it is still no-infill required artificial grass, but we have a new cool series that provides a genuine choice for anyone that wants the coolest lawn available on the market today. 

Using two alternate technologies to achieve a cooler surface temperature, we now offer two ranges in our Cool Series.

  1. Wintergreen-30 uses a special additive to reflect ultra-violet light, resulting in significantly cooler surface temperature of up to 20 degrees Celsius.  It is very soft to walk with a tidy 30mm pile height. Resembling the look of a wintergreen couch, this lawn looks very natural and is a great option around pool areas and courtyards.
  2. Kool-30 uses a hollow fibre to help retain moisture inside the grass yarn. Ideal for areas where there is natural shade which allows for the condensation of moisture inside the fibre, the grass surface enjoys a natural cooling effect as the moisture evaporates from the grass fibes.

If you would like more information on our Cool Series of no-infill artificial grass please call our office on 07 5445 5201.