With the sheer volume of foot traffic at schools it is simply impossible to keep natural lawns looking good in all parts of a school. And a dead lawn not only doesn’t look good, it can also become a safety risk with tripping hazards and mud everywhere when it rains.

To protect areas and reduce the traffic on the grass requires blocking off sections – (which is not always practical) or undertaking the maintenance works outside school hours – usually at a premium price. Fertiliser and pesticides must be carefully applied when required, again usually outside normal school hours. KomboGrass on the other hand can provide many years of low maintenance enjoyment while ensuring the area remains looking great, offering an inviting area for children to sit and relax all year round.

Unlike sand infill grass that is hard to maintain and very expensive to repair due to the sand infill weight and dirt build up over the years, KomboGrass is easy to clean and repair, and has been used by many schools to replace existing damaged grass sections without the need for a complete replacement to all the synthetic grass previously installed.

To find out how your school can benefit from KomboGrass No Infill synthetic turf contact us today for a free appraisal and no obligation quote.