Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass installation

From the removal of existing grass, dirt, and rocks, installation and compaction of a new crusher dust base, gluing over concrete, waterproof membranes, timber, or tiles, and designing putting greens, we do the lot.

timber edging for installing artificial grass

KomboGrass can help you with artificial grass installation, garden edge boxing, small retaining walls, and concrete bond pads in the area, there is no need for third-party trades.

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aRTIFICIAL gRASS Installation FOR Residential

Covid has resulted in more and more people working from home which offers more opportunities to enjoy where you live. This is where KomboGrass can help with artificial grass installation service, whether you are time-poor, have a smaller yard, want to retire your lawnmower, or simply want an easier lifestyle with fewer things to do on the weekend.

Our fully trained staff will take care of all your requirements for a new no-sand infill artificial lawn, from our no obligation free site measures, where we meet with you at your home and discuss your needs, undertake a full site measure, and provide an itemized quote to transform your piece of paradise from a dream to a reality. We leave no stone unturned to provide the best artificial grass installation service to our customers.

Call Backs

We do get callbacks, in 2008 we installed about 80 SQM of artificial grass for this client, the picture opposite showing just their backyard area, and in 2013 they wanted more grass for their cat run, you could say we don’t mind our callbacks.

Before Grass at homeAfter grass at home
Grass installation at barty home

Artificial Grass INSTALLATION Service FOR Builders

If you are serious about offering the best turn-key home package to your customers, then contact us today for our free builder package, you will be surprised at just how affordable it is to include KomboGrass with your next build. 

We work closely with your sales and project teams and offer a fixed square meter pricing option for artificial grass installation so you can incorporate our grass from the initial sales stage with your clients. Then when your handover date comes you have the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a partner that can deliver to tight and varied deadlines.

For display homes, make sure you present your home in its best light where all you need to worry about is locking your display home when you leave at night.

Shine before installationShine after grass installation
Artificial grass for commercial space

Installation of artificial grass for Commercial Space

Artificial grass is a great option for restaurants, hotels, retirement villages, nursing homes, and several other commercial locations. And Unlike the problems faced in the past with sand-infill fake grass, KomboGrass is soft underfoot, super-easy to repair if needed, and requires very little maintenance, if fact we offer ongoing maintenance services if you want to focus on your business and leave everything to us.

So if natural grass is simply not a viable option but you still want that great natural grass look and prefer to avoid hardscapes like paving, tiles, and pebbles that can look dull and uninviting, consider our range of no-sand infill artificial grasses. Why not give our friendly staff a call for artificial grass installation to find out how we can help transform your areas with our range of quality KomboGrass™ artificial grasses?

Headland Garden BeforeHeadland Garden After
Artificial grass installed at a Resort

Artificial Grass installation for Developer

Townhouses, new land releases, multi-story units, and other large projects take a long time to complete. Rain, materials shortages, and trade all add to the stress and frustration to get these projects completed on time and within budget.

This is where KomboGrass fits in, from start to finish we understand the goals, plans, and deadlines can change, and that is why we are involved right from the start, advising around the best use for our no-sand infill grass so that your projects and clients get the best outcome.

Before Synthetic grass Enhancement for Townhouse PropertiesAfter Synthetic grass Enhancement for Townhouse Properties
Artificial Grass at Townhouse Complex

Artificial Grass for Schools

Today more than ever, the health concerns for staff and students are paramount, our children are the future leaders of our country, and having the safest and healthiest facilities available is what KomboGrass offers.

The evidence is already out to show sand or rubber pellets in synthetic grass can be dangerous. So why would you even risk the potential damage to your school and to your students and staff by getting an infill fake lawn, when you can have a no-sand infill artificialgrass area?

We also offer softfall supporting critical fall heights over 2m and our company has all the necessary insurance and public liability in place to meet State government procurements requirements.

Before grass installationSiena After grass installation
Artificial grass installation at School Nambour Christian softfall
Grass installation at Carmichael College

Artificial Grass installation for Sporting Communities

KomboGrass are involved at the grass roots level of several local sporting communities. From golf, cricket, soccer to surf lifesaving, we understand first hand how hard it is to run and manage volunteer as well as commercial sporting premises. Grants are difficult to win and member funding is never enough to cover all the programs in the pipeline.

This is where KomboGrass differentiates themselves in the community. We offer partnerships with local sporting clubs to help them achieve their goals, from joint marketing and promotions to their members to free or discounted services for their club facilities. If you were thinking about projects for your sporting club but were concerned about the finances, then why not give KomboGrass a call to see how we can help make it a reality.

sport communities Artificial Grass installation project
Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving IRB Room Enhanced with Artificial Grass Installation
Artificial Grass Makeover for Mooloolaba Bowls Club

Artificial grass installation for Childcare Centres

Third generation sand infill grasses are simply a lot of trouble – grazes, health concerns over cleaning, ongoing maintenance and sand and rubber pellets everywhere. KomboGrass’ 5G no-infill artificial grass is a natural progression. Soft on little feet, less ongoing maintenance and providing the closest feel to real grass.

Compliance issues for your childcare centre can mean a complete closure to an area if there are trip hazard or dangerous surfaces. In the event there are repairs to KomboGrass no sand infill artificial grasses, the costs are minimal and we can usually be in and out in a few hours, no heavy sand infill grass patches to lift, and nasty tree roots can be quickly dealt with to ensure your grass area remains safe and compliant.

We have been supplying our no infill artificial grass to a number of large commercial childcare centres for over 10 years and our feedback is fantastic. If you want to experience first hand the difference then why not give us a call today or simply complete this form for a free no obligation appraisal of your centre. We look forward to working with you.

Artificial Turf Installation at Child Activity Center
Child Center's New Artificial Lawn
Installing Synthetic Grass at the Children's Center




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