We are so confident that we offer not only the best quality no infill grass and professional services at the most competitive price on the market today, that we will offer to match or beat our competitors prices. Simply complete the form on this page attaching your quote from a competitive supplier including details on the area where the grass will be installed, type of grass being supplied and any services included, and we will do our best to match or beat this price. If we can’t beat any genuine competitors price offer we will donate $100 to your charity of choice.

Conditions Apply:

Grass supplied and any included professional services must be of a comparable quality. Ask the installer whether they bolster the edges and for photos or reference sites you can visit to inspect the quality of their seam joins (ensure you cannot see the joins). Installation must be in a region we currently service.

KomboGrass have operated from the same premises for over 10 years, we are not a business with a mobile number sticker on the side of a car. Ask yourself if there is a problem with the installation, will the company that installed the grass be around to make the repairs or support an 8 year warranty?