Maintenance & Repair

Keeping your investment looking great is easy with KomboGrass care packages. Whether you need a complete Refresh to your lawn after it has been down for many years, or want to Maintain that fresh mowed lawn look with regular scheduled cleaning we have a package to help you.

High traffic commercial areas can require repairs. Tree roots can lift grass sections resulting in trip hazards. With KomboGrass no-sand infill grass, repairs are easy and fast – and also very cost effective.

Receive a complimentary KomboGrass deodoriser with every new Refresh or Maintain package¹

¹Conditions Apply

KomboGrass Refresh™

KomboGrass Refresh is our service to, well refresh your lawn. Although you may have forgotten what a lawn mower and edger are, you still want your lawn to look great. Perhaps you have a special event on, a yard with lots of trees (and leaves) or the lawn has been down for many years and simply needs a bit of TLC. This service is to professionally clean your lawn, remove all surface material like leaves and any weeds from the grass area and spray the lawn with a deodoriser leaving it as good as new.

We will also note any optional maintenance requirements such as repairing any loose edges (where your dog has investigated earlier?) or perhaps an area where the base is no longer level due to some other reason like a storm surge or tree roots. This report is then presented to you so you can either undertake these repairs yourself, or have our professional installers complete these maintenance items for you. KomboGrass Refresh can be your annual yard service to give you that peace of mind your new lawn is always at its best and to avoid any costly repairs in the future.

Deep pile clean

After 4 years of having the water overflow from the outside water tank across the yard, and the 3+ months of flooding in South East Queensland in 2022, this backyard was in need of a Refresh.

KomboGrass Maintain™

KomboGrass Maintain is our regular service maintenance contract, which also ensure any serious problems can be resolved before they become a major cost to you or your business. The service is similar to getting your lawns mowed on a regular basis, where the grass surface is professionally cleaned and tidied up, normally all this work is completed within a hour or so. Service includes deodorising and anti-bacterial cleaning of the entire lawn area.

To find out more about this service, please contact our office for details.

KomboGrass Repair™

KomboGrass Repair™ is our professional service to fix, replace or repair artificial grass sections. We know installing artificial grass is an expensive option and in commercial applications you need to get your return on investment. KomboGrass have many years of experience working with schools, child care centres and commercial body corporates to resolve problems with their existing synthetic grass lawns.

The synthetic grass does not need to be KomboGrass (but much easier to look after if it is!) to use our service. We can repair, replace and even try to match old synthetic grass to our current range to help you get the most from your existing artificial lawn.




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