KomboGrass Maintain™ service is the best way to keep your artificial lawn area looking like new. Artificial grass like all other outdoor flooring surfaces, requires periodic maintenance. The KomboGrass Maintain™ service provides a quick and cost effective way to remove organic material like leaves and other debris from your artificial grass before they can start to cause problems. Depending on your particular requirements, for example, if you have lots of leaves landing on your grass area, or want your lawn to be brushed up every few months to achieve that just installed look, you can schedule our service for every 30, 60 or 90 days and allow our professional installers to undertake the maintenance on you behalf over the 12 month period.

Using our specialised artificial grass maintenance equipment, we perform a deep pile brush to your lawn to remove not only the surface leaves and organic matter but also material at the base of the grass fibres. The process leaves the grass piles clean and standing straight again, which is effective for high foot traffic areas where some pile crush can occur.

Once the grass is cleaned and brushed, we then apply our special deodorising cleaner to the grass area, this not only neutralises any pet urine smells, but will also provide a pleasant fresh grass smell to the area. As a special thank you for our customers that take up this annual service, KomboGrass will undertake any preventative and minor repair works to keep your artificial grass covered by our original warranty terms, with the only exception being sub-base failure.

This means KomboGrass will repair at no cost to you any loose grass sections, re-bolster the grass edges where required, re-install or add nails/upins, repair any seam joins, re-glue (sections only, not the entire area) ensuring you retain your warranty guarantee for the full duration that you keep our Maintain™ service agreement in place, which means you will never have to worry about nasty repair bills and can simply enjoy your outdoor area for many years to come.

For more information on this service please contact our office.

Regular service is available every 30, 60 or 90 days.

KomboGrass Maintain: from $200.00


  1. [30: 12 x Services];
  2. [60: 6 x Services];
  3. [90: 4 x Services]

KomboGrass Refresh™ is our service to, well refresh your lawn. Although you may have forgotten what a lawn mower and edger are, you still want your lawn to look great. Perhaps you have a special event on, have a lawn full of leaves or have had the lawn down for many years and simply want to give it a bit of TLC. This service is to professionally brush your artificial lawn, removing all surface material like leaves and any weeds from the grass area and spray the lawn with a deodoriser leaving it as good as new. The service is designed for ad-hoc bookings, so you can decide how often you want to book the service, however if you prefer a more regular maintenance then please consider our KomboGrass Maintain™ service as an option.

The service is based on a fixed SQM rate for lawns (subject to inspection) and has a minimal charge of $200, typically used on an ad-hoc basis. We highly recommend our KomboGrass Refresh™ service for your lawn every 6 to 12 months, which also ensures any small maintenance services can be identified and rectified before they become a more serious repair project.

The refresh service includes:

  • a deep grass pile clean using our specialised lawn brush roller;

  • grass brushing using a power brush to lift any flat sections of the grass;

  • deodorising and bacteria treatment to the artificial grass;

If we identify any required repairs during the refresh service we will note these with you on the day, and subject to available time and approval, undertake these repairs while on site or schedule a suitable time to complete these works at a later date.

For an average sized lawn (20-40 sqm) the service takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

For more information on this service please contact our office.


KomboGrass Refresh: $100 site call out service fee (which includes undertaking the maintenance audit and generating the report) plus $9.50 / sqm (ex GST). Minimum cost is $200 (small areas); We will also provide a complementary KomboGrass Refresh artificial grass deodoriser bottle valued at over $90.00 after each service.

*Conditions apply, the service must be taken up within the initial 12 month warranty period, it is subject to a site inspection prior to commencing (to ensure the grass area has been maintained as per the KomboGrass Care Guide). Plants and furniture in the area must be removed as well as any pet droppings prior to the Maintain service commencing. Damage to the artificial grass is not covered by our ‘free’ services offering described above. Access to a 240v power outlet is required on the day.

KomboGrass Repair

Accidents happen, from burnt grass to tree roots lifing the base. Fortunately with KomboGrass no-sand infill grass, repairs in these situations is quick and cost effective, unlike sand infill grass which usually cannot be repaired due to the weight of the sand infill.

KomboGrass Refresh

Sometimes you just want your KomboGrass lawn refreshed, a deep pile clean, grass fibres brushed up straight and any surface debrie removed. Any minor repairs can also be completed at this time avoiding any major costs in the future.