Large development projects require a lot of planning and time. For tenders, the outcome is unpredictable and can take months or even years for decisions to be made; then when you are successful it is all systems go. This is where you don’t want to be starting your search for all your key partners, your costs are now defined but the cost for some of the critical components of your project by your sub-contractors may not be.

KomboGrass have worked with a large number of developers over the years and understand the importance of these partnerships. Generally, there are large scopes of work to commit to with no certainty on whether the project will actually go ahead or when. That is why you need to work with a company that has the technical and sales resources, reputation as well as the best artificial grass range on the market to ensure you will be in a commanding position for your next project.

We have developed sophisticated pricing models that ensure you can incorporate into your overall programs not only the cost for no-sand infill KomboGrass but also the timeframe and access needs for a successful on time and on budget project. To find out more why not call our office or chat with us now to see how we can help on your next development project.