Commercial facilities come in many shapes and forms; from your local swimming pool, hotel, restaurant, bowls club, restaurant, caravan park, resort or retirement village there is generally an area where no-sand infill artificial grass just makes sense. KomboGrass have been supplying no-sand infill synthetic grass since 2013 and understand that in most commercial applications maintenance is the number one challenge. Things get spilt, more foot traffic is expected and furniture is placed on the grass area.

In many situations, natural turf is simply not a viable option, and hardscapes like paving, tiles and pebbles can look dull and uninviting. This is where our range of no-sand infill artificial grasses provide a great alternate. If you have never considered the use of artificial grass for your premises until now, why not give our friendly staff a call to find out how we can help transform your areas with our range of quality KomboGrass™ artificial grasses.

Hotels and Pubs

Outdoor eating areas are thriving, and you need an artificial grass that can handle the tables and chairs and high foot traffic with minimal wear. This where our commercial range of no sand infill grasses are ideal, any food spills are easy to clean away, small children always love to crawl around on the grass and with our latest 5-G Series offering anti-bacterial and anti-mould protection, you can ensure the only thing your guests take away are great memories. 

Restaurants and food courts

Artificial grass provides a relaxing and welcoming environment for your customers. Offering non-slip and softer underfoot comfort. With no-sand infill it is also super easy to keep clean, simply vaccum or blower-vac any suface material away, no sand or rubber pellets to worry about. Also no need to worry about occupational health and safety issues as we never install silica sand on our grasses. 

Keeping natural grass may sound appealling but...

in a commercial environment, it costs you business. When it rains heavily natural turf won’t take the commercial traffic, muddy grass around your premises loses customers, artificial grass just gets a bit wet, not the same problem as mud.

Shaded areas also drain your budget, replacing grass and blocking off that area while you attempt to re-grow the grass is an ongoing battle you don’t have to have when you install KomboGrass, typically installed in a day and ready to use the minute we leave your premises. 

We have the experience to work with your team

Working around your business requirements is important and as a small business we understand what is needed to get works completed with minimal impact to your customers.