Child Care Centres were one of the first industries to incorporate synthetic grass for their outside areas. Natural grass simply could not support the constant foot traffic. Consequently, sand infill grass had become the de-facto standard. But today, with many of the original sand infill grass areas past their repair cycle, centre managers are looking at options to replace these areas with next generation no-infill artificial grass.

Third generation sand infill grasses are simply a lot of trouble – grazes, health concerns over cleaning, ongoing maintenance and sand everywhere. KomboGrass’ 5G no-infill grass is a natural progression. Soft on little feet, less ongoing maintenance and providing the closest feel to real grass. We have been supplying our no infill grass to a number of large commercial child care centres and our feedback is fantastic. If you want to experience first hand the difference then why not give us a call today or simply complete this form for a free no obligation appraisal of your centre. We look forward to working with you.