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Posts about different industry segments and the benefits of using KomboGrass

Child Care Centres

Child Care Centers Child Care Centres were one of the first industries to incorporate synthetic grass for their outside areas. Natural grass simply could not support the constant foot traffic. Consequently, sand infill grass had become the de-facto standard. But today, with many of the original sand infill grass areas past their repair cycle, centre …

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Commercial Commercial facilities come in many shapes and forms; from your local swimming pool, hotel, restaurant, resort or retirement village there is generally an area where no-sand infill artificial grass just makes sense. KomboGrass have been supplying no-sand infill synthetic grass since 2012 and understand that in most commercial applications maintenance is the number one …

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Builders It was not that long ago when driveways and fences were not part of a builders new home scope of works. This resulted in many upset customers who on receiving the keys to their new home then had to arrange trades to supply these essential items. Over time, more and more builders understood the …

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Residential We are often asked where can you install artificial grass and the answer is just about anywhere. From water tanks, penthouse floors, bedrooms, fences, driveways and walls we have covered lots of places. Below are just a few examples of why KomboGrass is a great option in residential lawn applications: Limited sunlight to the …

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