Silica sand that is used as an infill for artificial grass installations is actually a carcinogen – most packaging now include a warning noting a cancer risk.  Probably not what you want to pour over your freshly installed artificial lawn.

So why would you even consider these risks and install silica sand infill to your new lawn? Manufacturing materials used for artificial grass have seen dramatic improvements since the 1960’s when ‘astro‘ turf first appeared. But many suppliers continue to sell synthetic grass with cheap SBR-latex glue backing (hopefully not from recycled car tyres), forcing you to install silica sand to try and protect their synthetic grass backing from deteriorating due to exposure to our harsh Australian sunlight.

To maintain these sand infill lawns requires ‘brushing up maintenance ‘. Trying to move sand infill from the lowest point in your lawn where it has washed down to is not an easy task. If you wanted a low maintenance lawn then think again.

This is where KomboGrass is different. As an engineering company, we look to technology and innovation to solve problems, and this is why our latest 5G-Series™ artificial grass range again sets the new standard for no-infill and now 100% recyclable artificial grass available on our standard Polyurethane or our new RX Backing™.


Working with the R&D teams of our manufacturers we solve problems using the latest advances in material science – not more sand infill

artifiical grass for residential places
5G series artificial grass for home


Our no-infill grass range just got better

20% cooler than other grasses, Anti-bacterial and mould proof yarns, Pool safe (saltwater and chlorine resistant), PU or RX Backing compatible, Recyclable

polyurethane backing artificial grass


Standard since 2013

PU is stronger, lighter, will not crumble or degrade, is pet friendly as it won’t absorb moisture unlike SBR Latex/Butex backings

100% Recyclable artificial grass with 99% weed block


100% Recyclable with 99% weed block

Lowest shrinkage of 1.7mm / metre Anti-bacterial backing 5 x faster drainage Super light and soft Highest tuft withdrawal 100% Recyclable – from any plastic recycling plant

Product Range

We sell an exclusive range of No-Infill Artificial Grasses offering the look of Santa-Ana and Wintergreen Couch, Buffalo, Short Fescue Grasses and Bent grass (for golf putting greens). We sell all the accessories required for a professional installation including a special DIY with KomboGrass service to save you thousands with our step by step guides and telephone support.

No Sand infill range

Our exclusive artificial grass range keeps getting better:

  • Comfort (resembles Santa-Ana couch)
  • Wintergreen (resembles Wintergreen couch)
  • Prestige (resembles Buffalo)
  • Ultimate (resembles Short fescue)
  • Golf (resembles Bent)

Everything you need for a professional installation:

  • Galvanised and painted U-Pins
  • Galvanised and painted Nails
  • Seam tape (pre-glued or not)
  • Glues (including Wet-Gel for use when rain predicted)
  • Putting cups, flags and poles
  • and more
Special Product Range

We offer a number of unique products including:

  • KomboGrass Refresh™
  • KomboMats™
  • Professional Grass Cleaner
  • Golf practice driving range mats and nets

Special Products

Looking for products to compliment your new artificial lawn? We offer a number of products specifically designed for use on no-sand infilled artificial grasses.

No Sand Infill

Learn more about why no-sand infill is the best and only choice your should consider for artificial grass


No matter what type of yard you have, we have your artificial grass needs covered


Stand out amongst your competitors by offering KomboGrass as part of your build package


Maintaining artificial grass in a commercial environment should be easy – just vacuum or blow any leaves away


KomboGrass have experience working inside major program schedules


Reduce your maintenance costs and avoid the health risks associated with silica sand

Child Care Centres

Little feet, knees and elbows deserve to be protected from sand injuries

Sporting Communities

Make the most of your funding through our partnership and sporsorship programs

KomboGrass Refresh™

Keep your KomboGrass looking like new with our artificial grass maintenance program

About Us

The pioneers of the design and installation of no-infill artificial grass for the Australian market. Based from the same location for over 10 years with our showroom open to the public 5 days a week and stocking thousands of square metres of our exclusive grass range of 5G artificial grasses.

KomboGrass have developed a professional installation methodology for no-infill artificial grass and fake grass that we have refined over a period of more than 10 years. Unlike sand or rubber infilled synthetic grasses, poor joins, gaps and mistakes cannot be covered up on the installation day with sand or rubber pellets only to appear months down the track when the sand or rubber pellets wash away.

If you want a truly low maintenance artificial grass for your lawn, that is cooler underfoot, resistant to weeds, offering anti-bacterial and mould free natural looking yarns, integrated weedmat, then KomboGrass is your only choice. Call now to find out how affordable your new lawn from KomboGrass will be.

Over 3,000 projects completed

Customer Referrals

KomboGrass acknowledges that it operates on lands which the Kabi Kabi and the Jinibara people are the traditional custodians, and recognises their continued connection to land, waters and culture. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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