We are often asked “where can I install artificial grass?” and the answer is just about anywhere. From front or back yards, side passages, indoor atriums, over water tanks, penthouse roofs, balconys, bedrooms (yes rather than carpet!), fences, pontoons, driveways and walls we have covered lots of places.

Typically the followings situations are ideal for installing KomboGrass:

  • Limited sunlight to the area and grass that just won’t grow.
  • High traffic area or dog run!
  • Tired old pavers, concrete or pebblecrete.
  • Timber decking.
  • Tiled area.
  • Rocks and pebbles.
  • Lawn grubs that keep re-apprearing.
  • Sick of the lawnmower!

Below are just a few examples of where KomboGrass is a great option in residential lawn applications:

Dogs Creating havoc in your yard?

Sometimes no matter how hard you try the grass just won’t grow in some areas. Weeds and dead patches are not the best way to introduce your home to your friends and neighbours. If you are having trouble getting natural grass to grow, then consider KomboGrass which provides an instant and long lasting transformation to any area.

Concreted areas may be functional but….

they provide a dull look for your outside area, repairs or stains are highly visible and if you slip over offer a hard landing. KomboGrass provides a great freshening up to these areas while also making the area look much bigger and more inviting.

Our 5G artificial grass range incorporates salt water and chlorine resistant yarns, so you can rest assured your new lawn will stay looking great in years to come even when installed right up to your new pool.

Stepping stones are a trip hazard and weed haven

Stepping stones may seem like a good idea initially, but weeds tend to love growing amongst them, and for walking on, well it may be better to bring a cane, because the uneven surface provides for a nasty trip hazard, not to mention they just don’t look very nice. If you have kids around they provide great ammunition for throwing around!

Did you know you can cover timber decking with KomboGrass?

Timber decking requires ongoing sanding and re-sealing each year. With KomboGrass you can put an end to these costs and provide a soft underfoot experience. Enquire now about how quickly you can be enjoying your timber deck without the timber maintenance.

Just because you choose to live in a unit complex doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Kombograss

Tiles have traditionally offered a long term solution for outdoor balconies. But cracked and scratched tiles are hard to replace and match, tiles are also slippery and can stain easily. KomboGrass can be glued directly over tiles and we offer a range of edging options to provide a quality finish including rubber or aluminium edging.

Side passages don’t need to be wasted space!

Side passage areas are often neglected ending up with pavers and rocks. The end result is often an uninviting area that is rarely used. KomboGrass laid directly over pavers opens up the area and provides an opportunity to maximise all parts of your yard.

Be creative with formal and informal paving surrounded by KomboGrass

KomboGrass gives you the freedom to be creative. Areas can be transformed into formal statements or include bold features that show off a part of your home. Feature tiles are a great option to consider for your special area.