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Everyone knows sand infill grass is a maintenance nightmare
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Sand Infill is not a good option

Legacy Astro Turf

Sand was required in 1966 when plastic fibres were first used to make astro turf, but times and technological advancements in the artificial grass design and manufacturing process have moved on in the last 50+ years – at least for some. Using sand infill to try and make low quality grass stay up straight just doesn’t work. Cheap yarns over time will sit flat and require what these manufacturers call ‘brushing up maintenance‘. If you wanted a low maintenance lawn then think again.

No-infill 4G Artificial Grass by KomboGrass

KomboGrass use the highest quality fibres available with superior tensile strength to ensure our artificial grass stays straight without the need for sand infill. Our matte finish yarns provide a realistic look without that unnatural shine, while the polyurethane backing will not shrink like the SBR and latex backing found on most competitive products.

KomboGrass have been supplying and installing no sand infill grass since 2013. Although installing no infill grass is more time consuming and hence more expensive due to the additional time required to perfectly seam all the joins and bolster the grass edges – (not so important with infill grasses when you cover all the grass with up to 15 kg sqm of sand or rubber), we believe the longer benefits of no infill grass outweigh this extra cost. If you want more information why not talk to us today, we have the expertise, know how and experience to provide professional installation services for any type of area.

So if you live in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Bribie Island or Sunshine Coast areas and would like to have the latest innovation in no-infill 4G artificial grass please give us a call today on 1300-4-KOMBO to find out just how affordable our exclusive range is and why it offers a much better long term investment to you and our environment.